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  • budget

    Budget 2015: Not ambitious enough

    Budget 2015 shows there is work to do to make New Zealand more productive. Unfortunately, it did not give us any suggestions on how the government would want to achieve this. [...]
  • simcards

    Why the EU is hung up on mobile roaming

    The idea of abolishing all roaming rates across the EU may have populist appeal, and it is easy to see why EU politicians are pushing the idea. However, it is equally clear why such a policy does not make much sense. [...]
  • brands

    Plain stupid

    In a world of complex markets with millions of buyers, sellers and products, brands provide orientation. This is what brands contribute to civilisation. [...]
  • bigben

    A Pyrrhic victory for Cameron?

    David Cameron faces some of the most difficult problems any peace-time UK government ever had to tackle. And neither his party’s mediocre share of the popular vote nor his thin parliamentary majority will help. [...]
  • uk-parliament

    A wild forecast for Britain

    Eventually, once all the political dust has settled and Britain gets a stable government, we could talk about some more interesting questions. Such as Britain's budget deficit. [...]


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