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  • EU flag

    The roots of Europe’s decline

    In the breathlessness of the euro crisis, it is easy to miss the wood for the trees. By looking at individual trouble spots, we may be ignoring the roots of the crisis. [...]
  • Why Europe Failed

    Why Europe Failed

    The continent that invented and dominated the modern world has gambled away its future. 'Why Europe Failed' is a sobering account of the Old World’s fall from grace. [...]
  • roman ruins

    Europe on the road to nowhere

    The rise of the European welfare state, the reduction of economic dynamism and the increasingly questionable legitimacy of the European project go hand in hand. 'Panem et circenses' could have been the motto of ­Europe’s post-World War II mixed economy model. It remains to be seen whether the EU will also share the Roman Empire’s fate. [...]
  • friday'stop10

    Friday’s Top 10

    In this Friday's Top 10, everything you need to know about the new global economic crisis - and what Donald Trump has to do with it. [...]
  • sorry

    An apology


    Before any politicians stumble across the idea of a Vehicle Management Act and try to introduce it into parliament, let me just make it clear that this was never meant seriously. We Germans do have a sense of humour, you know. Sometimes it is just a little harder to pick up. [...]
  • Economic crisis
    It is not as if any new books were required to remind us of the fragile state of the world economy. Recent economic news on a number of fronts have been disturbing. [...]
  • Greek crisis
    The third bailout package for Greece will not be the last. Once again, the eurozone is only buying time without addressing the real issues. [...]
  • scrap cars
    In the interest of an ever wealthier New Zealand, let’s make our cars more expensive. It might even help future politicians win elections on the back of a buoyant vehicle market. [...]
  • dead-end
    The centre left is in desperate need of a new narrative if it wants to win elections once again. The old, socialist narratives may make traditionalists feel nostalgic but will not win votes. [...]
  • germany
    Under Angela Merkel, German politics has entered a strange period of hibernation. Where there used to be passionate debates within and between the political parties, boredom has taken hold of the country. Merkel’s sober and dry way of governing has sedated friends and foes alike. [...]
  • lanterns
    We ought to be celebrating the contribution of Asian New Zealanders more often. This is more important than discussing the ethnicity of property buyers in the Auckland housing market. [...]
  • euro
    After five tumultuous years of fighting the crisis arising from Europe’s monetary integration, leading European politicians are planning to go full steam ahead with the next level of integration. Their goal is the integration of fiscal policy. [...]
  • reports

    Our 2017 agenda


    The 2017 New Zealand election should be fought on the real issues affecting the country. [...]


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