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  • nz
    To sell the benefits of economic integration, free trade and the free flow of capital, New Zealand also needs to reaffirm its national identity. [...]
  • vwbeetle
    Volkswagen’s admission of having systematically manipulated emissions results of its cars has not only plunged the world’s second-largest car manufacturer into crisis, but it is also causing damage to Germany’s international reputation. But why is anyone surprised? [...]
  • turnbull
    The reformer’s job is never done, and there is plenty to do. Malcolm Turnbull knows this, and John Key should not forget it [...]
  • eu
    It is breathtaking to watch how fast cornerstones of European integration are being undone as a result of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers entering the EU. [...]
  • asylum
    The refugee crisis could prove to be the EU's make-or-break moment. [...]
  • eu flag
    Europe is suffering from some strange delusions that are less apparent when you live there. That is because certain beliefs and self-images are repeated until they can no longer be questioned without turning yourself into a political pariah. In my new essay, 'Why Europe Failed', I am dealing with some of them. [...]
  • EU flag
    In the breathlessness of the euro crisis, it is easy to miss the wood for the trees. By looking at individual trouble spots, we may be ignoring the roots of the crisis. [...]
  • Why Europe Failed

    Why Europe Failed


    The continent that invented and dominated the modern world has gambled away its future. 'Why Europe Failed' is a sobering account of the Old World’s fall from grace. [...]
  • roman ruins
    The rise of the European welfare state, the reduction of economic dynamism and the increasingly questionable legitimacy of the European project go hand in hand. 'Panem et circenses' could have been the motto of ­Europe’s post-World War II mixed economy model. It remains to be seen whether the EU will also share the Roman Empire’s fate. [...]

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