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  • university

    Free tertiary education: Some personal reflections

    Of course, Labour is right that in a fast-changing labour market, qualifications are important and that education policy should enable New Zealanders to participate in the ‘future of work’. With its proposal to make three years of tertiary education free for all, I just don’t think Labour will get us anywhere nearer that goal. [...]
  • nzdollar

    The Greens’ watchdog

    Albert Einstein said, “for an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.” If Einstein is right, there is hope for the Greens’ proposal to establish a new office to cost political parties’ new policies. [...]
  • merkel

    A mess of Merkel’s own making

    The German Chancellor may not politically survive the disaster she has created — and that would be well deserved. The collateral damage of her failing would be a Europe that sees the resurrection of nationalism, borders and political extremism. [...]
  • europe-flag
    As ironic as it seems, it is the EU’s overreach that could turn out to be its own undoing. And it could be the failure of the EU’s supranationalism that will trigger a widespread return of the nation-state. [...]
  • eurocorruption
    Almost three quarters of businesses in EU member states report widespread corruption, yet the issue has received little policy attention to date. [...]
  • initiative2015
    2015 was a great year for The New Zealand Initiative. [...]
  • cartels
    If you really care about competition, forget about trying to make it happen by law. Instead, just remove all obstacles that stand in the way of competitors entering the market. [...]
  • diversity
    If your company has a diversity policy and culture, if you are trying to do what is right and if you believe in diversity because it matches your company’s values, congratulations. That it might not automatically strengthen the bottom line does not make it any less morally worthy. [...]
  • euro-notes-coins
    It could take a while until European leaders recognise that the answer to the failings of European integration does not always have to be even more integration. [...]
  • aucklandskyline
    Three modest proposals for restoring housing affordability. [...]
  • DeutscheBank
    John Cryan is already making clear that under his leadership, Deutsche Bank will make a break with its immediate past - or indeed, reconnect with its history. [...]
  • integration1
    What do societies gain from migration? What are the social, political and cultural effects of an increasingly mobile global workforce? What problems could arise from the integration of migrants? And how can those problems be mitigated? [...]

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