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  • lanterns

    New Zealand’s Asian century

    We ought to be celebrating the contribution of Asian New Zealanders more often. This is more important than discussing the ethnicity of property buyers in the Auckland housing market. [...]
  • euro

    When monetary folly is not enough

    After five tumultuous years of fighting the crisis arising from Europe’s monetary integration, leading European politicians are planning to go full steam ahead with the next level of integration. Their goal is the integration of fiscal policy. [...]
  • reports

    Our 2017 agenda

    The 2017 New Zealand election should be fought on the real issues affecting the country. [...]
  • euro crisis

    Now for the next euro crisis

    Now that the Greek banks have re-opened, the third bailout package is on the way and something vaguely resembling normalcy is returning to Greece, we can finally deal with other things again: the euro crisis, for example. [...]
  • The Beehive, Wellington, New Zealand
    Imagine if both local and central government tax revenues reflected economic performance more directly. Under such a system, we would see a different attitude of local communities to a range of activities from mining to housing. [...]
  • reichstag
    The vitriol directed at German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble after last weekend’s marathon summit is deeply unfair. What is Germany's crime? [...]
  • grexit
    For more than five years, Europe has been trying to find a response to the Greek crisis. In doing so, Europe managed to make a bad situation worse while burdening taxpayers with gargantuan liabilities. [...]
  • merkel
    If Merkel once again followed opinion polls, she might feel tempted to let Greece fail. It could even give her polling results another boost, even if meant a radical departure from her previous strategy. But it would also be an admission that Merkel’s policy on Greece has failed. [...]
  • Euro symbol on greek crack flags background
    Now that Greece is finally and officially bankrupt, perhaps we might eventually see something resembling a solution to the crisis. How about Greece exiting the eurozone, devaluing its new currency, default on its debt and reform its economy? [...]
  • pope
    Contrary to what Pope Francis believes, Markets are not about increasing individual profits but about allocating scarce resources. And then they effectively deal with those environmental problems that the pontiff can only preach about. [...]
  • groundhog
    The Greek situation will only change for the better once the country is allowed to do what it should have done five years ago: default on its debt, leave the eurozone and regain competitiveness by devaluing its new currency. [...]
  • reichstag
    There is only one thing that unites all German politicians: They do not want to take the blame for whatever happens next. If Greece drops out of the eurozone, that will be fine -- as long as it is clear that it was all Greece’s fault and had nothing to do with Germany. [...]
  • investment
    Social bonds, contrary to what their critics believe, are an exciting addition to social services. [...]


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