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  • friday'stop10

    Friday’s Top 10


    Our dangerous spreadsheet culture, new Greek demands, things too small to regulate and advice on putting spin on your life: That was the week that was. [...]
  • wpid-wp-1428403266659.jpeg
    Ben Bernanke's analysis of Germany's exports problem is correct but it yields the wrong conclusions. [...]
  • hongkong-
    This week, the Asia New Zealand Foundation released its annual survey of New Zealanders’ Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples. In some ways, its results are entirely unsurprising as a large majority of New Zealanders acknowledge the growing importance of Asia. How could anyone with only a cursory knowledge of economic realities disagree? [...]
  • russia_stpetersburgh
    The euro crisis has caused considerable economic and financial damage already. We can now see some of the political and security implications of a weakened Europe. [...]
  • auckland-harbour
    I am not from Auckland, nor can I claim to be an expert on port operations, but I cannot help but wonder whether instead of talking about an extension of the port we should be talking about an entirely different question: Is the Port of Auckland really in the right spot? [...]
  • inflationmoney
    The real problems for Germany will begin once the ECB follows the Fed’s example and tapers its monetary stimulus. But thanks to the eurozone periphery, it may take years until the ECB feels ready to take this step. In the meantime, Germany may enjoy its bubble economy while it lasts. [...]
  • grey_and_navy_suit_on_mannequin-spotlight
    We may have believed that New Zealand was a rock star economy, but even rock stars have to learn new tunes every now and then. Learning how to be a service economy in the Asia-Pacific may be New Zealand’s next big challenge. [...]
  • euros1
    Hardly a day passes that a Greek government official does not add a needless provocation to the bailout debate. Which brings me back to my opening question: Is this just madness? Or is there method in it? [...]
  • johnkey
    Speculating and commenting on central banks’ next moves is something for foreign exchange traders, not Prime Ministers [...]


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