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  • Euro symbol on greek crack flags background

    The eurozone must stop playing the blame game

    Now that Greece is finally and officially bankrupt, perhaps we might eventually see something resembling a solution to the crisis. How about Greece exiting the eurozone, devaluing its new currency, default on its debt and reform its economy? [...]
  • pope

    The Pope and the market

    Contrary to what Pope Francis believes, Markets are not about increasing individual profits but about allocating scarce resources. And then they effectively deal with those environmental problems that the pontiff can only preach about. [...]
  • groundhog

    It’s Groundhog Day for Greece

    The Greek situation will only change for the better once the country is allowed to do what it should have done five years ago: default on its debt, leave the eurozone and regain competitiveness by devaluing its new currency. [...]
  • reichstag

    Germany’s Greek stance keeps everyone guessing

    There is only one thing that unites all German politicians: They do not want to take the blame for whatever happens next. If Greece drops out of the eurozone, that will be fine -- as long as it is clear that it was all Greece’s fault and had nothing to do with Germany. [...]
  • euro
    If Europe's political elites had allowed the Greek crisis to run its course in 2010, Greece would be recovering by now. Instead they have made such a mess of it that this tiny country will continue to haunt international meetings for a long time to come. [...]
  • puzzle
    Many of the OECD’s recommendations for New Zealand are textbook economics advice. It is time to implement them. [...]
  • test pattern
    In a world of hundreds of TV channels, internet streaming services and encrypted broadcasting, why do we still have giant public broadcasters? This is the question that German economists Justus Haucap, Christiane Kehder and Ina Loebert ask in a new paper for the Berlin-based think tank Prometheus Institute. [...]
  • maths
    Changing teaching methods in maths have failed to improve our primary students’ maths performance. But it is not just basic, elementary mathematics that we should be concerned about. [...]
  • euro-cent
    Crunch time or not, the Greek crisis will remain with us for much longer. There is no way it will be resolved once and for all this week. It has been promised to us too often over the past five years. [...]
  • maths
    If we want students to become good at maths, we first need to teach them the basics. Creativity will follow automatically, especially with good teachers. [...]
  • europe flags
    It may be madness to do something over and over again while expecting a different result. But conversely, it is only reasonable to expect Europe’s next integration steps to be just as successful as the previous ones. [...]
  • budget
    Budget 2015 shows there is work to do to make New Zealand more productive. Unfortunately, it did not give us any suggestions on how the government would want to achieve this. [...]
  • simcards
    The idea of abolishing all roaming rates across the EU may have populist appeal, and it is easy to see why EU politicians are pushing the idea. However, it is equally clear why such a policy does not make much sense. [...]


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