• We do not want to return to Jane Austen’s times when class and background determined a child’s success in education and life. [...]
  • If this Government has a long-term vision, it keeps it to itself. But whatever it is, Kiwis deserve to know it – and to figure out if they like where the Government wants to lead them. [...]
  • After simmering for many months, the Belarusian-organised refugee crisis is heating up in the Eastern European cold. [...]
  • With Jens Weidmann’s imminent departure, the ECB will lose its most hawkish governor. The move will also symbolise the ECB’s transition into a less stability-oriented institution – right when high inflation expectations in Europe are taking hold. [...]
  • Sometimes, when the Legislature is in session, good policy may indeed be the outcome. [...]
  • Good journalism means more than standing up to autocrats. It means not getting into bed with politicians of any kind, not even democratic ones – and not even those one agrees with. And certainly not those who fund the newspaper you write for. [...]
  • Generation Lockdown


    There is a major surprise hidden in the overall result of the German elections. That surprise lies in the voting behaviour of first-time voters. [...]
  • Germany has voted. The result is not an earthquake, but a landslide. A change of power is looming after 16 years of Christian Democrat-led federal governments. [...]
  • Merkel has governed Germany for 16 years, but she never led it. [...]
  • For Europe, AUKUS feels like the security outcome of a bull’s run through a China shop. Only China will be happy about the weakening of Europe – and Europe’s new divisions – that AUKUS has created. [...]

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