‘Insights’ is the weekly newsletter of The New Zealand Initiative. Every Friday it provides comment pieces on domestic and global policy issues and the state of the world as such. It is a newsletter serious enough for a think tank – and lighthearted enough for an enjoyable Friday afternoon read. Please subscribe to ‘Insights’ by visiting the website of The New Zealand Initiative:

The most exciting breakthrough of 2022

There are some moments when you know the world will never be the same. The invention of motorised flight was one such moment. The beginning of the World Wide Web was another. The year 2022 was a such turning point for artificial intelligence. [...]

To save our cities, ask urban economists

Urban economists have explained why cities are important. They have also told us how to make them work better. Now we just need politicians, bureaucrats and city planners to listen to them. [...]

Save our cities

In the past two years, New Zealand’s cities have lost population while the country as a whole has grown. [...]

Russia’s war against the West escalates

We should let go of the illusion that normality will return once the war in Ukraine is over. Russia’s war on Western democracy preceded its military aggression on Ukraine. It will continue as long as the Russian leadership remains in power. [...]

A conference nightmare

Having attended too many public policy conferences, it was only a matter of time until they started haunting me in my sleep. [...]

The curious Dr Wilkinson

We are lucky to have Bryce at the Initiative. As he celebrates his special day, we wish him many more years of economic curiosity. [...]
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