National Business Review

The Brexit precedent

As important as Brexit will be to Britain, its real impact will be felt across the Channel for years to come. [...]

Enjoy capitalism’s blessings

In a world in which it has become fashionable to blame markets and call for the government to fix problems, we should not let such empty rhetoric pass. [...]

Draghi’s difficult legacy

Mario Draghi might be remembered as the central banker who defended the euro while planting the seeds of its eventual destruction. [...]

Waking up to woke

We need to ask for facts when the other side only offers emotions. If we do not do that, we will end up with speech codes resembling those of totalitarian regimes. [...]

The purpose of business is profit

Just as we should not change the basic rules of rugby lest we destroy the game itself, we should not change the basic principle of the market, either. In rugby and in capitalism, the purpose is to win. [...]

Equality of esteem in tertiary education

Germany and Switzerland have long been famous for exporting cars, machinery and chemicals to all parts of the world. They are now becoming well-known as exporters of their dual education model. [...]

Queenstown’s visitor levy a cry for reform

Ultimately, reforming local government finance would be in central government’s interest, too. Queenstown Lakes District council probably holds little hope for such reforms to happen anytime soon. [...]

The liberal provocation

The current political landscape leaves classical liberals not just alone but genuinely isolated. Their positions, which they once assumed were shared widely, are now exclusively theirs. [...]
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