Europe’s painful farewell

Unlike some, mainly British, commentators I do not derive any pleasure from looking at Europe’s problems. And though I am quite an EU-sceptic, I would still call myself a Europhile. [...]

Social impacts of migration – international perspectives

It’s not a great secret anymore that European countries have had very mixed experiences with their immigration programmes after World War II. In particular, Germany’s so-called ‘guest worker policy’ of the 1950s and 1960s is now widely regarded as an example of how not to run an immigration programme. [...]

Confessions of a political disaster tourist

It is a very useful experience to travel to the scenes of political disaster. Because they hold lessons for us to learn. At least that’s my own experience travelling between Europe and Australia. [...]

Europe’s decline, Australia’s challenge

When we are looking at Australia today, we can be pleased that we have so far avoided many of Europe’s problems. Our debt still looks manageable. Our demography is still healthy. Our society is still united. But Australia could end up like Europe – under different stars, but with the same destiny. [...]

Welcome to Australia

Let there be no doubt that Australia is as good a place as you can find on this planet. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it right here. [...]

Big Ideas Forum 2010: The future of Europe

In many ways, Australia today reminds me of Europe in the first decades of the post-war period. We are full of optimism ... our population is growing ... our economy is booming. But make the wrong choices about the size of government now, ignore the challenge of population ageing, gloss over temporary problems with public deficits, and just a few decades later, we will end up like Europe – under different stars, but with the same destiny. [...]

Trans-Atlantic Fiscal Follies

There are good reasons to remain cautious about Europe’s economic future. While it is true that things have somewhat stabilised after the tumultuous events of the last 12 months, we should not forget that there are some difficult challenges ahead. For Europe, the financial crisis may be over, but a new crisis is just about to begin. [...]

The end of capitalism?

While there is no denying that markets have failed, there is certainly no lack of government failure either. There is a danger, nevertheless, that governments, the media and special interest groups will seize on the opportunity to use the economic downturn for their own purposes. And that is the challenge of this economic downturn. [...]

The errors of Hans-Hermann Hoppe

For all his errors and mistakes and for his wrong-headed methodology we may expect Hoppe’s ideas to remain a footnote in the history of political thought. And it may well be better this way. [...]
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