The Australian

A necessary shock

Australia's abandonment by Britain was the salutary shock that this country needed. Britain may have sought to profit from its turn to Europe, but it was Australia that gained most from it. [...]

EU fails to grasp nettle of a continent in crisis

The economic imbalances within Europe have become too great, particularly regarding productivity differences. In order to correct them, it would be desirable for some countries to be able to devalue their own currencies. Instead of trying to keep such nations within the monetary corset of the euro at all costs, the EU should allow them to depart. None of these sensible options were even on the table at the Brussels summit. [...]

Glory be to Gaia, I’m dreaming of a green Christmas

Christmas is when two great religions collide: Christianity and environmentalism. It's God v Gaia, Christmas trees v tree huggers, and peace on earth v Greenpeace. Christians do not see nature as an end in itself. As Genesis puts it: "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground." [...]

German polemic has resonance for West

When a German language book causes a global stir, it must be of relevance beyond the narrow national confines. This explains the scores of articles dedicated to Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany abolishes itself). Written by former politician and central banker Thilo Sarrazin, it covers topics such as the effects of the welfare state on the country's underclass, demographic change and the ageing society, the failure of public education, and the problems of integrating Muslim migrants. [...]

Population bomb still a fizzer 40 years on

Worshipping their new goddess nature, the environmentalists have forgotten something. We human beings may not all be cute and cuddly, but we deserve at least as much love and attention as our distant relatives in the animal kingdom. [...]

Trivial Twitter

Now that Twitter has more than twice as many employees than the number of characters it allows per message, perhaps it’s time to reflect on this latest internet phenomenon. [...]

Germany proves clumsy with foreign matter

Germans are also learning the hard way that some groups are more willing to integrate into Western society than others. The debate is now about Islam for a reason. No integration issues are reported with respect to Danes, Poles or Vietnamese, all of whom live in Germany in great numbers. [...]

Scrap ‘Cash for Clunkers’ scheme, not older cars

Australia should study the German "environment premium" example closely in the debate over the Prime Minister's "cash for clunkers" proposal. It was one of the most bizarre and wasteful programs ever to be implemented by any government. Instead of scrapping hundreds of thousands of perfectly functional cars for imaginary benefits, the Prime Minister would be better advised to scrap her lunatic proposal. [...]

Europe shows the alternative to growth is decline

When comparing Australia's growth chances to the European predicament of shrinking and decline, it should not be hard to decide which path is more tempting. Growth is not everything, but without growth everything is more difficult. [...]

Get a kick out of these soccer figures

THE global financial crisis has shaken the belief that economics can tell us anything worthwhile about human nature. Given this sad image of economics, it is refreshing to see that there are still economists out there who have something worthwhile to say. Even if it is only about soccer. [...]
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