Howard’s lesson

China’s President Xi Jinping once said that Soviet Communism collapsed because its ideals and beliefs had been shaken. Would he not expect the same of countries unwilling to stand up for their own ideals and beliefs? [...]

Kudos to Winston Peters

Winston Peters’ comments on the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre were candid. Where Western politicians have turned not upsetting China over its human rights record into an art form, the Foreign Minister left diplomatic niceties behind. [...]

Europe awaits a Chinese burn

The Chinese know that any money they dedicate to Europe would be a highly risky engagement. They realise that Europe’s growth inertia, debt dynamics and demographic change are condemning the Europeans to decades of slow decline. And they are fully aware that Europe’s social model is finished. [...]

The great China tech rip-off

There is no doubt that China's resilient economic growth has prevented the economic crisis from becoming an economic catastrophe for the world. Yet among the dark sides of China’s rising economic power is an astonishing disrespect for intellectual property. [...]

Europe’s China blindness

The Europeans are ignoring both the opportunities and dangers of China at their peril. Closing their eyes to the Chinese awakening will not put the Chinese dragon back to sleep. [...]
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