Confusion and suspicion after Europe’s new crisis

Watching the ALP’s strange attempts to solve its leadership crisis last week, it appeared that Coalition strategists could not have written a better script. There is only one consolation for Labor: When it comes to self-destruction, nothing beats the European Union. [...]

The EU game has no real rules

The haircut for depositors of Cypriot banks is not the first time the EU has thrown its own rulebook overboard. That would have been bad enough. What is worse though is that it sends a strong signal to anyone doing business in any of the eurozone’s struggling economies: get out while you still can! [...]

European fabric frayed at the edges

Amid the noise of the euro rescue summit last week, one important announcement received very little attention. This is surprising since it was a strategic message from Europe’s only real tiger economy, which grew by more than 8 per cent last year, and has a population of more than 73 million people. It was an announcement from the Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. [...]
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