Foreign Direct Investment

Housing reform vs populist gimmickry

It is hard to introduce populist policies without hurting the economy. That is the takeout from the Government’s decision to water down its planned restrictions on foreign property buyers. [...]

Foreign investment: Learning from the best

Hong Kong and New Zealand are obviously very different economies with different political and social cultures. But if we want to make the New Zealand economy more attractive to job creating international investment, we might just try to learn a thing or two from the world's best players in this business. [...]

TPP welcome, but no panacea

An extended TPP may have a positive effect on FDI – and New Zealand certainly needs to improve its FDI performance. But we should not expect the TPP to be a game-changer. Instead, we need to focus more on welcoming international investors, whether from TPP member countries or not. [...]

Beating Australia on FDI

It’s not enough for New Zealand to compete with Australia in the battle for Olympic gold. We now have to beat the Australians in the battle for foreign investment to grow the Kiwi economy. Thanks to Gillard and Abbott, New Zealand’s chances are better than ever. [...]

Who is open for business?

It is odd that foreigners buying shares in energy companies excites kiwis so much. How many countries have a similarly emotional relationship with their utilities? [...]

Sending profits abroad is a good thing

For Australia's wealth and prosperity, it does not matter where the profits from Australian businesses end up. All that matters for the Australian economy is that Australia remains a place where business transactions take place – irrespective of who owns the business. [...]
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