Germany faces coalition conundrum

Germany has voted. The result is not an earthquake, but a landslide. A change of power is looming after 16 years of Christian Democrat-led federal governments. [...]

An absurd election for Germany

Germany’s voters are not to be envied. With an MMP voting system and a choice of unpalatable parties, they must find a way to form a coalition. [...]

Vegan Wagen

The Volkswagen curry wurst is under threat - and that says a lot about the state of the German car industry. [...]

An awake press asking questions

To land a top job, having a stand-out CV helps. But that does not justify hallucinating your life’s achievements. Especially not if the media are doing their job. [...]

Europe’s directionless leader

Thirty years after unification, Germany remains a big, little country. A powerless hegemon. A directionless leader. Then again, that may not be such a bad outcome. Had Thatcher and Mitterrand been right, it might have been worse. [...]

Europe’s lockdown lessons

Europe has left the early stage of the pandemic behind. With more information at hand, European countries are managing Covid-19 in a controlled way. It is a step towards normality on a long road ahead. [...]
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