No copyright on good policy thinking

It is always encouraging to see opposition parties come up with good policy thinking. It is even more gratifying for us as a think tank to see many of our ideas entering the political debate. [...]

Incentives on the agenda

Between a policy idea and its political take-up, many years can pass. But that makes it even more satisfying when it eventually happens. [...]

Building for an ageing population

These sober findings put debates around New Zealand’s housing crisis into a different perspective. As bad as the housing market situation is today, there is worse to come if we do not unlock the supply side of the housing market now. [...]

Housing needs supply-side fix

Voters should ask a simple question about any new housing proposal: Will it make it easier to build more homes? If the answer is not “yes,” these are not the policies Australia or New Zealand need to fix our countries’ housing crises. [...]

An open letter to Mike Hosking on housing

Bad government policies are the main reason housing is unaffordable. Said differently, if government wants to make housing more affordable, it could do so simply by getting out of the way. [...]

New Zealand’s top job

Being a house is the most attractive job in New Zealand today. If you do not believe me, let me tell you the story of our family home. [...]

Nowhere to live

Last week, a paper by the Helen Clark Foundation garnered much media attention. Somewhere to live presented the Foundation’s views on housing policy. I read the document with an open mind and personal curiosity. [...]
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