New South Wales

Unanswered infrastructure prayers

This week produced more news about big infrastructure projects for Sydney. A government inquiry warned that without a second airport, Sydney could face severe flight disruptions within a decade. According to the transport minister, Anthony Albanese, Kingsford Smith Airport is already operating at capacity. [...]

New South Winfrey

Imagine an American talk show host visiting Europe for a couple of recordings. Would the British display her picture on Big Ben? Would the Italians evacuate the Coliseum of Rome for her? Would the French cordon off the Champs-Élysées so she should move around more easily? If such ideas strike you as absurd, you are obviously not linked to the organisation committee of Oprah Winfrey’s visit to Australia. [...]

It’s time to bring back a bit of class to rail travel

It's a pity this year's Nobel Prize for physics has already been awarded to achievements in fibre optics. The managers of CityRail would have been almost as deserving for their ingenious invention of time-travelling. How else could you describe the experience when boarding a 1970s-style intercity train from Central? [...]

There’s no such thing as a free bus service, Mr Premier

Nathan Rees promised to make Sydneysiders' lives easier on Wednesday as he launched the off-peak bus service between Circular Quay and Central Station. "Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly which bus to catch if you're only going a few blocks in the city," he said. The buses will be free to use, courtesy of the Government. But is he making a positive contribution to public transport or is it a politician's pre-Christmas gimmick? [...]
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