Road pricing

Road to nowhere

Britain is proud to be a rich country with a modern and dynamic economy. But unfortunately Britain’s transport infrastructure is, quite simply, not fit for purpose. Whether it is airports, roads or rail, the UK’s transport infrastructure does not live up to the expectations of a developed economy. [...]

Driving ambitions

The economic case for road pricing might be strong but the public is resolutely hostile to the idea. The answer is to show them what they would get for their money, argue Richard Wellings and Oliver Marc Hartwich [...]

Towards Better Transport

According to Towards Better Transport, traffic congestion is now endemic, affecting not just large cities but also the core motorway network and small towns. It currently costs the UK economy in the region of £20bn per year, a figure set to rise significantly in the coming years, harming our future economic competitiveness and growth. [...]

Congestion Challenge

Britain's transport infrastructure is, quite simply, not fit for purpose. Heathrow, as the nation’s most important air travel hub, can only be described as inadequate. While all other major European airports have increased their capacity, it took more than two decades just to plan the new Terminal five and a third runway is nowhere in sight. Ground transport on Britain’s roads and rails is equally substandard. In no other European country can one find fewer roads per person. On average, for every Briton there are six metres of road. Even in the much more densely populated Netherlands, and in Japan, they have seven and nine metres per person respectively. [...]
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