Tony Blair

Cameron to carve a European illusion

When Cameron finally delivers his long-awaited speech on Europe, he now faces a real choice. Will he actually say something substantial on the issue, risking a confrontation with his party, his coalition partner, the public, the media, and of course his European colleagues? Or will he once more try to please everyone? [...]

The ‘postmodern economy’ was a con

The global financial crisis has shaken the foundation of Britain’s business model, namely the financial services sector. However, there is no other industry that could possibly compensate for the troubles surrounding the City of London. It’s certain that the era of ‘Cool Britannia’ with its ‘bullshit economy’ is over – at no great loss to mankind. But it’s far less clear what, if anything, could take its place. [...]

Rushing to spend like Britain could leave us out in the cold

So is Australia really just a warmer version of England, as the immigration officer suggested to me 10 years ago? Probably not yet, if simply for the fact that in the past decade Australia has avoided the worst mistakes made in Britain. But if Rudd continues his New Labour-like policies, Australia may well become another Britain, if only without the snow. [...]

Nahost statt Cricket – Tony Blairs neue Aufgabe in der Weltpolitik

Viel war zuvor darüber gerätselt worden, welchen Posten Tony Blair nach seiner Regierungszeit anstrebt. Doch schien die Rolle des Nahost-Vermittlers für Blair wie geschaffen, zumal er aus den letztlich erfolgreichen Friedensverhandlungen für Nordirland über reichhaltige Erfahrungen im Umgang mit verfeindeten Konfliktparteien verfügt. [...]
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