Queenstown’s visitor levy a cry for reform

Ultimately, reforming local government finance would be in central government’s interest, too. Queenstown Lakes District council probably holds little hope for such reforms to happen anytime soon. [...]

A tale of two countries

We have a choice in New Zealand if we are satisfied with our status quo and content to keep fighting the same old political battles for the next decades. Alternatively, we could break out of our old ways and try something radically new. [...]

Why tourism offers best opportunities for future growth

At least in principle, there is widespread agreement that New Zealand should aim to increase its exports – whether you subscribe to the government’s target of 40% of GDP by 2025 or not. There is less agreement on how such an exports boost could be realistically achieved and which sectors are most likely to drive it. This holds especially true for New Zealand’s second largest exports industry (after dairy): tourism. [...]
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