Wolfgang Schäuble

Why Germany is losing the blame game

The vitriol directed at German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble after last weekend’s marathon summit is deeply unfair. What is Germany's crime? [...]

Germany’s Greek stance keeps everyone guessing

There is only one thing that unites all German politicians: They do not want to take the blame for whatever happens next. If Greece drops out of the eurozone, that will be fine -- as long as it is clear that it was all Greece’s fault and had nothing to do with Germany. [...]

When German order met Greek disorder

For Varoufakis and Schäuble, there really is little hope of finding any common ground. They are personally too different to bridge the gap between their upbringings and beliefs. If they do not even agree to disagree, that is probably the best anyone can hope for. Indeed, had they agreed to disagree, it is only likely they would have misunderstood each other. [...]

To Brussels for eternity?

Germany’s highest court is currently considering an injunction to stop the German president from signing international treaties to establish a permanent European rescue fund and new fiscal rules for EU members. Markets are watching anxiously as they fear that constitutional difficulties will prevent the next bailout rounds and an eventual mutualisation of European debt. [...]

Wet ink on a euro death notice

The euro has been a moribund currency for years. The remaining options to buy it more time have been blocked by the German constitutional court. To end this farcical tragedy someone needs to put the final nail in the euro’s coffin. Who will it be? [...]

Europe’s most dangerous man

In their open confrontation with the Americans and other European countries, the Germans have good arguments on their side. Trade restrictions are certainly not the way out of the world economy’s problems; and to prevent moral hazard, bondholders need to bear the costs of defaults. [...]

The economic curse of populism

As long as the Germans pretend that the current crisis was caused by speculation and not by inherent flaws of the European project, this crisis will not pass. They can ban short selling, regulate credit default swaps or outlaw hedge funds all they like, but this will not solve the competitiveness problems of Club Med countries. [...]
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