Why a Growing Australia is Nothing to Fear

Published by The Centre for Independent Studies (Sydney), 28 September 2011 (PDF)

By Jessica Brown and Oliver Marc Hartwich

Australia’s population is growing because our economy is booming and our society is confident about the future. Population growth is not something to strive for in and of itself, but it is not to be feared either.

A growing population presents us with challenges and opportunities. Population growth, and the skilled migration that fuels it, helps our economy grow – giving us the resources to support our ageing population, build better infrastructure, and protect our environment. A growing, pluralistic society makes us socially richer too.

Population growth is not a project driven by the business lobby or politicians. It is a fact. Australia’s population is growing, and our demographic structure means it will keep growing.

Rather than pretend population growth is not happening, we should be actively trying to harness the benefits.

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