Merry Christmas & an Insights-ful New Year

Published in Insights, The New Zealand Initiative’s newsletter, 18 December 2015

You were probably expecting our usual take on the week as in the previous 47 editions of Insights we sent out this year.

But since this is our last bulletin before Christmas, please allow me to digress, just a little.

As an Insights reader, you know what kept us busy in 2015. We published reports on a wide range of topics. From mining regulation to social impact bonds, from charity law to maths teaching, and from the case for economic growth to local government finance: Our researchers have contributed novel ideas to many New Zealand policy debates. We also held well-attended events with great speakers and we are actively providing commentary in the media.

With all of these activities, we are having an impact on policy. To just give you three recent examples, politicians of all major parties have expressed their interest in our proposal to create special economic zones. Labour’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford and the Initiative released a joint proposal with recommendations for planning reform. And one of our recommendations for regulatory reform was drawn from the private members’ bills ballot and is now going through Parliament.

Everything we do is to promote what we are about: to work towards a free and prosperous New Zealand. This is what we believe in, and this is what guides us.

We are grateful to our members who through their support enable us to do our work. We are proud to have such passionate leaders among our membership who share our vision.

If you would also like to support us, if you like our research, attend our functions or just enjoy our weekly Insights, please consider donating to the Initiative. It is easy (just follow the link here) and helps us develop even more ideas for an even better New Zealand.

We will be back in January with more news, views and opinion, and of course your weekly Insights.

In the meantime, and on behalf of all of us at the Initiative, have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the summer and have a fantastic New Year.

Best wishes,

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Executive Director

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