The migrant crisis threatens to topple Merkel

What would have been unthinkable even a few months ago now looks like a plausible scenario: Merkel’s chancellorship may be drawing to a close sooner than anyone imagined. And she would leave her country with a burden instead of a positive legacy. [...]

Zoned in

What if New Zealand's towns and cities had the freedom to deviate from national legislation? [...]

Britain’s localist revolution

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered nothing short of a revolution to the way that Britain is governed. A radical devolution of power and money from central government in London to the cities of the UK has begun. [...]

Good ideas take time

Good ideas are more powerful than political posturing. I presume David Cameron would not call his Chancellor’s views insane now. [...]

The opposite of Greece

The result of the Portuguese election suggests tough reforms and fiscal austerity can eventually pay off - politically and economically. [...]

A house is a home

Increased affordability will not make Aucklanders feel richer – but it will make the country better off as a whole. [...]

A plea for national identity

To sell the benefits of economic integration, free trade and the free flow of capital, New Zealand also needs to reaffirm its national identity. [...]

The fallout from the Volkswagen fiasco

Volkswagen’s admission of having systematically manipulated emissions results of its cars has not only plunged the world’s second-largest car manufacturer into crisis, but it is also causing damage to Germany’s international reputation. But why is anyone surprised? [...]