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‘Insights’ is the weekly newsletter of The New Zealand Initiative. Every Friday it provides comment pieces on domestic and global policy issues and the state of the world as such. It is a newsletter serious enough for a think tank – and lighthearted enough for an enjoyable Friday afternoon read. Please subscribe to ‘Insights’ by visiting the website of The New Zealand Initiative:

International confidence matters

To keep international investors’ trust, we must remain squeaky clean in our fundamental economic institutions. If we are not, New Zealand will come out of the Covid-19 crisis as a broken economy and a failed state. [...]

An election year budget

It should have been a budget to steer New Zealand out of this economic depression. But it reads like a budget in an election year. [...]

Seven principles for recovery

How do you get an economy going again when entire industries are destroyed? How do you encourage private consumption when families are trying to make ends meet? How do you run a government when public finances are in disarray? [...]

Be careful what you wish for

The Covid-19 crisis does not and will not change the principles of economics – but that will not stop politicians from trying. We should not let them. [...]

Suffocating media

Who will talk about the future of this country when the crisis is over? Which investigative reporters will uncover political scandals? Which commentators will offer new ideas to enlighten or enrage? [...]

Working for New Zealand

Physically separated but united in spirit, our team has done what we do best. To work towards good policy. We cannot pretend this crisis is an opportunity. But we do believe we can help New Zealand in responding to it. [...]

Covid crisis needs tough policy response

If the Government moves quickly and confidently to beef up its border controls, testing regime and quarantine measures then, given our limited number of cases now, there is still a slim chance to avoid a national health disaster. [...]

We will all be Italian

Sadly, by the same logic of contagion, the Italian fate now awaits most other nations. Soon Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern will have to make the same decision as Giuseppe Conte. Just a few weeks later. [...]