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  • The wisdom of David Cameron

    Of all the people in the world, former British Prime Minister David Cameron is probably the last person anyone wants to listen to on Brexit. But there is no person better qualified to give advice now. [...]
  • Chatham housing

    When Housing Minister Phil Twyford spoke at the Initiative’s retreat last week, I had only one regret about having invited him: Our event is held under Chatham House rules. [...]
  • Equality of esteem in tertiary education

    Germany and Switzerland have long been famous for exporting cars, machinery and chemicals to all parts of the world. They are now becoming well-known as exporters of their dual education model. [...]
  • Brief aus Neuseeland

    In der letzten Woche ist das Weltgeschehen nach Neuseeland gekommen. Als Neuseeländer wünscht man sich nichts mehr, als dass es möglichst bald wieder verschwinden möge. [...]
  • They are us

    We hope that over this difficult time, New Zealand will come together. To mourn the dead. To uphold our values. To defend our common humanity. [...]
  • Even in a developed country like New Zealand, a significant number of parents are voluntarily keeping their children from vaccinations. With each rejection, parents are not only increasing the risks for their own family but also for others in the community. [...]
  • Ultimately, reforming local government finance would be in central government’s interest, too. Queenstown Lakes District council probably holds little hope for such reforms to happen anytime soon. [...]
  • There are no certainties around Brexit at this stage, except for this one. Once Britain has formally left the EU under whatever circumstances, May’s time will be up. She will be driven off the stage, despised by leavers, remainers and everyone in between. [...]
  • As Kiwi as pavlova


    In our #localismNZ report we call for a radical shift of power from the centre to the people. [...]
  • #localismNZ: Bringing power to the people explains the rationale behind localism and responds to commonly heard objections. [...]
  • No time is money


    New Zealanders like the ability to kick out bad governments after only three years. But our short terms reduce the quality of any government no matter who happens to be in office. [...]
  • If success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm, then German economics minister Peter Altmaier is on a winning streak. [...]
  • In a world where we can hardly buy anything without a disclaimer stamped on it, it is surprising that articles about Brexit still come without a health warning. No, Brexit coverage does not contain nuts. But it can make you go nuts. [...]
  • Kindness is a virtue. Let us extend it to those brave political leaders of the 1980s and 1990s. [...]
  • Time to un-Grinch


    From a policy perspective, New Zealand’s 2018 was not quite as eventful as most observers predicted. The (now no longer) new Government established so many inquiries and working groups that we saw less policymaking and more policy preparation. [...]

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