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  • The salt in the soup of democracy

    Perhaps the election of Judith Collins to the National leadership does not change her party’s immediate electoral prospects. National is still fighting an uphill battle to unseat an extremely popular Prime Minister. [...]
  • The Eurogroup would not want to start from here

    The great irony is that Donohoe now gives Germany a Eurogroup President who embodies Berlin’s own policy inclinations like no other. And yet, the new president will not help with Germany’s goal of keeping the Eurozone united during its stewardship of the EU this year. [...]
  • A Green path to the fringe

    For the Greens’ long-term success, the party would be wise not to focus on its fringe supporters –which might just get the party over the 5 percent threshold – but instead on the centre of society which could make the Greens a mainstream force [...]
  • New Zealand could keep its border shut regardless of whether it is possible to open it safely. But that would mean repeating the mistake it made during lockdown. [...]
  • This new Cold War could be decided not by Beijing’s victory but by the West’s suicide. [...]
  • When legal anti-racism becomes seen as racist, something has gone horribly wrong. [...]
  • In its veneration of Jacinda Ardern, Taking the lead goes so far as to become boring – even for children. [...]
  • No other political institution in history has been built and forged as much in emergencies as the EU. But what happens when the EU itself becomes a crisis? [...]
  • Based on real-time data from the economy, a small team of researchers around Professor Christoph Schumacher has created a model to estimate current GDP as it happens. [...]
  • New Zealand must remain clean, transparent and solid in all its economic institutions. We are not a banana republic, and we do not want to become one. [...]
  • To keep international investors’ trust, we must remain squeaky clean in our fundamental economic institutions. If we are not, New Zealand will come out of the Covid-19 crisis as a broken economy and a failed state. [...]
  • Kaum ein Land hat in der Corona-Krise so positiv auf sich aufmerksam gemacht wie Neuseeland und seine Premierministerin Jacinda Ardern. Sie wurde dafür gefeiert, wie souverän sie das Virus besiegt hat. Bei genauem Blick entpuppt sich das Wunder als Medienhype. [...]
  • New Zealand fought hard to beat the virus and now it deserves to seize an economic opportunity. Safely and selectively, the border can be re-opened to anyone prepared to undergo a strict quarantine – whether they are football players, investors or students. [...]

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