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  • Learning by comparison

    Next week, The New Zealand Initiative will be taking a delegation of more than three dozen senior business leaders to Copenhagen. Our members want to study and experience first-hand what makes Denmark one of the world’s most successful small countries. [...]
  • Kudos to Winston Peters

    Winston Peters’ comments on the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre were candid. Where Western politicians have turned not upsetting China over its human rights record into an art form, the Foreign Minister left diplomatic niceties behind. [...]
  • Making sense of the European elections

    If you are a New Zealander watching this strange post-EU elections process with a sense of disbelief from afar, do not be too puzzled: Most Europeans do not understand it either. [...]
  • Why Huawei?


    No wonder Donald Trump is worried about the technological and commercial threat Huawei’s poses to US companies. [...]
  • For politicians wishing to understand how to use moral psychology to their electoral advantage, there could be no better starting point than re-reading Jonathan Haidt’s 'The Righteous Mind'. [...]
  • Scott Morrison kam als Übergangs-Premier ins Amt. Mit seinem guten politischen Instinkt dürfte er dort noch lange verweilen. [...]
  • Nothing in my work in Germany, Britain, Australia and now New Zealand has given me reason to doubt my basic beliefs: incentives matter; councils can work effectively when given the right incentives; and decision-making removed from the people it concerns creates problems. [...]
  • The Reserve Bank should allow itself and the public more time for consultation on new capital requirements for banks. [...]
  • May’s abject failure to deliver Brexit would always pulverise her party and the political system with it. Somewhat naively, I thought she and her party would not let it come to that. How wrong I was. [...]
  • Le cultural clash


    It took the Australian Government years to decide whom to task with building its next generation submarine fleet. It was still not enough time to prepare them for the cultural clash that followed. [...]
  • Haidt is one of America’s most important and innovative thinkers, contributing regularly to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. With his plea for people to disagree more constructively with one another, he has an important message for New Zealand as we deal with our own divisions. [...]
  • While the German and European economies are slowing, while Brexit remains unresolved, and while challenges aplenty wait for the EU, Berlin will be absorbed by domestic issues. [...]
  • Trump on everything


    Life can be so simple when you are Donald Trump. [...]

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