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  • 30 Years after the Wall: Socialism 2.0

    I am celebrating the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Even though it is unnerving to realise that the 30 years that have passed have turned me into a political dinosaur at 44. [...]
  • Zero Carbon Bill fails the climate

    It is not enough to just say you care about the climate. We want to see effective and efficient measures to cut emissions. The Zero Carbon legislation does not deliver them. [...]
  • Draghi’s difficult legacy

    Mario Draghi might be remembered as the central banker who defended the euro while planting the seeds of its eventual destruction. [...]
  • While Brexit dominates the news, another country could become an even bigger headache for Brussels over the coming years. [...]
  • When future historians look back at our world today, they will regard it as the end of an era. Over the space of just a few years, the fundamentals of our political and economic order have all changed. [...]
  • Waking up to woke


    We need to ask for facts when the other side only offers emotions. If we do not do that, we will end up with speech codes resembling those of totalitarian regimes. [...]
  • Clinical research has found that a doctor’s reassurance promotes health outcomes and healing. With central banks, it is the same. [...]
  • It must indeed be tempting to binge on infrastructure spending as Berlin can now borrow for 30 years at a negative interest rate of 0.11 percent. But should the Germans do so? [...]
  • The prospect of a new Taika Waititi movie is usually a reason for joyful anticipation. However, watching the trailer of Jojo Rabbit and reading the first reviews left me appalled. [...]
  • I am generally a fan of direct democracy, but even I have to concede that it is logically impossible to combine Westminster-style democracy with referenda. [...]
  • Speak your mind


    We need less nice and more candour. It is pointless holding conferences where delegates censor their own presentations without being told to. [...]
  • Just as we should not change the basic rules of rugby lest we destroy the game itself, we should not change the basic principle of the market, either. In rugby and in capitalism, the purpose is to win. [...]
  • At the beginning of the century, The Economist famously called Germany the “sick man of Europe”. The way things are going, we are likely to read similar headlines again soon. [...]

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