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    Working group enlightenment

    New Zealand’s post-modern politicians have moved past the old power philosophy and found nirvana in a place where nothing ever happens and the rulers remain untouchable in power. [...]
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    Europe’s directionless leader

    Thirty years after unification, Germany remains a big, little country. A powerless hegemon. A directionless leader. Then again, that may not be such a bad outcome. Had Thatcher and Mitterrand been right, it might have been worse. [...]
  • New Zealand won

    New Zealand’s political system is not perfect. But, unlike the US, we need not be ashamed of our democratic culture. [...]
  • New Zealand’s top job

    Being a house is the most attractive job in New Zealand today. If you do not believe me, let me tell you the story of our family home. [...]
  • The EU’s refugee policy is stuck between rocks, hard places and burnt detention camps. [...]
  • This country can once again become prosperous and productive. But only if this is a shared ambition. As the government’s lead economic adviser, it is the Treasury’s ambition to see this through. And as Minister of Finance, it should be yours too. [...]
  • Enjoy the relatively positive economic data while it lasts. But do not believe for a second it is sustainable. [...]
  • Let’s keep hoping


    To deal with the country's boiling problems requires a different approach to policymaking – one based on sound economics, not just opinion polls. [...]
  • Shovel-ready or not


    Though shovel-ready, current government projects are just as useful as building pyramids, burying banknotes and creating earthquakes. It is not what Keynes had in mind, but it is the best his disciples can come up with these days. [...]
  • Though it is tough to reliably forecast what Covid-19 will do to key economic indicators over the coming years, the true legacy of Covid-19 will be for the Government to occupy the commanding heights of the economy once again. And make everyone poorer. [...]
  • To avoid creating ghost towns, we must find a way of saving lives without destroying the cities they inhabit. [...]
  • Europe has left the early stage of the pandemic behind. With more information at hand, European countries are managing Covid-19 in a controlled way. It is a step towards normality on a long road ahead. [...]
  • Should a convicted fraudster be allowed to work as an insolvency practitioner? It ought to depend on how many years have passed since his conviction. [...]
  • Bordering on policy


    It is good to see some policy thinking from the opposition. The Government should engage with these ideas and build on the proposals. It can only improve its border management. [...]

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