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  • As New Zealand is looking ahead to a series of budget surpluses, it becomes imperative for the government to have an answer to those reflexes. And it has to be an attractive answer to stop the fiscal dogs from salivating. [...]
  • Each year, the global affordability problem is getting worse. This year was no exception. Demographia’s 2017 report is the most depressing read so far. [...]
  • The reason why Germany got more built is because there was greater political will to do so. And there are better incentives for towns and cities to deliver the housing that their citizens need. [...]
  • We had a fantastic year at the Initiative but there is much more work for us to do next year. At the top of my Christmas wish list are better debates and better ideas for a better New Zealand. [...]
  • A legacy of housing affordability would be a historic achievement and it would transform the lives of millions of New Zealanders. Good luck, Mr Prime Minister. [...]
  • Unaffordable housing does not have to be the price we have to pay for living in a globally connected city. And telling people on average incomes to just put up with it is the modern equivalent of Marie Antoinette's 'Let them eat cake'. [...]
  • Rather than trying to define his time in office by some eye-catching policy reforms or projects, John Key's measure of success was that New Zealand was doing well under his management. [...]
  • Those who do not condemn the evil tyranny of Castro, should spare us their moral judgements on others. [...]
  • What if people were best placed to figure out for themselves what is good for them and what is not? [...]
  • According to most commentators, the election of Donald J. Trump signifies the end of the West, the end of the international post-War framework, or at least the end of the United States. I beg to differ. [...]

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