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  • The best way for a central bank to achieve both low inflation and low unemployment is to make it pursue price stability alone. [...]
  • New Zealanders can be proud that after an agonising month of politics, our political culture eventually delivered a dignified transition of power. It is testament to the strength and vitality of our democracy and institutions. [...]
  • New Zealand First has often called for such a devolution of power. If they achieve that in coalition talks, it would be a legacy to be proud of. [...]
  • MMP for beginners


    If New Zealand wants to run under MMP, get used to its machinations. And if that is too Machiavellian for your taste, return to first-past-the-post. [...]
  • There is a world of good policy ideas out there. Whoever wins tomorrow’s election, let’s hope they engage with it. [...]
  • Even those civic-minded idealists among us who still believe in democracy must admit that election times are the worst for sound and creative policy thinking. [...]
  • To sum up the Mood of the Boardroom, there is an appetite for change in the business community. Not necessarily in a party-political sense but certainly in policy terms. [...]
  • The only hole we have in fiscal plans is independent scrutiny of Government’s and the parties’ numbers. [...]
  • The power of ideas


    "The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else.” [...]
  • This New Zealand election has already surprised observers by being less predictable than anyone would have imagined. An unexpected coalition outcome would be a fitting conclusion to it. [...]

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