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  • When discussing free trade, most governments sit in their own glasshouses. Trump’s protectionism deserves a response. But it should be an even greater commitment to free trade, not retaliation. [...]
  • Good policy can help to give people the flexibility and adaptability to succeed in changing circumstances. [...]
  • If David Seymour follows his own instincts, his party would easily be more appealing than a party relying on protest votes. [...]
  • The Regional Development (Provincial Growth) Fund puts Wellington in the driver’s seat. It is a centrally designed plan for how New Zealand should develop. [...]
  • Almost a century ago, the great sociologist Max Weber defined the ideal politician in his lecture Politics as a Vocation. As Bill English just announced his retirement from politics, we may well measure his record by Weberian standards. [...]
  • There is a saying that when things cannot go on forever, they will eventually stop. It applies to monetary policy. [...]
  • Michaela School’s approach may not be easily replicated. Nor would it be suited to every community. But its very success should be reason enough to ask if there are some lessons we might learn. [...]
  • If National accepts the challenge to be a creative opposition, the next three years will be a contest for the best ideas rather than a war of attrition. And that would be good: for National, for Labour – and for New Zealand. [...]
  • 2017 was a great year for The New Zealand Initiative. [...]
  • It is the right of the opposition to hold the government to account. That much is out of question. But opposition MPs flooding the Government with requests for bits and pieces of meaningless information is more questionable. [...]

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