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  • When you are in a hole, stop drilling. That must have been the Government’s motivation for stopping oil and gas exploration. [...]
  • The Treasury should clarify the relationship between its Living Standards Framework and mainstream cost benefit analysis. [...]
  • Adrian Orr has his work cut out. He will migrate the Reserve Bank towards a changed operating model while having to maintain its credibility for keeping prices relatively stable. [...]
  • With its new Policy Targets Agreement, the Reserve Bank has arrived in Wonderland. It looks as if it has a new employment target. But it is (thankfully) subject to interpretation. [...]
  • Few countries run as much on informal relationships as New Zealand. But that makes it even more important to adhere to good governance practices. [...]
  • When discussing free trade, most governments sit in their own glasshouses. Trump’s protectionism deserves a response. But it should be an even greater commitment to free trade, not retaliation. [...]
  • Good policy can help to give people the flexibility and adaptability to succeed in changing circumstances. [...]
  • If David Seymour follows his own instincts, his party would easily be more appealing than a party relying on protest votes. [...]
  • The Regional Development (Provincial Growth) Fund puts Wellington in the driver’s seat. It is a centrally designed plan for how New Zealand should develop. [...]
  • Almost a century ago, the great sociologist Max Weber defined the ideal politician in his lecture Politics as a Vocation. As Bill English just announced his retirement from politics, we may well measure his record by Weberian standards. [...]

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