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  • kant
    What would Kant have said about the burka ban? [...]
  • Jennings-lecture
    Despite his high-flying international career, Stephen Jennings has not lost interest in his native New Zealand. However, his continental distance allows for a sober look at our domestic affairs. [...]
  • australia house of reps
    There are two losers in the Australian election: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. And Australia. [...]
  • keepcalm
    There is no need to panic over Brexit. [...]
  • uk-parliament
    The referendum’s real question is whether in its current state the EU is a club that freedom-loving democrats happily want to belong to. Next week we will find out the answer. [...]
  • apartments
    There is no shortage of ingenious ideas for the housing crisis. I prefer a simple one, though: Build more homes. And build them now. [...]
  • inequality
    Two Danish economists show economic growth and reform, not redistribution, is the best way to reduce income disparities. [...]
  • nzdollar
    Bill English has delivered a solid, unspectacular and sober budget. And there is nothing wrong with that. Unless you are a gallery journalist. [...]
  • friday'stop10

    Friday’s Top 10


    Reflections on going to France if you want to work less, Don Brash's take on monetary policy when inflation won't budge, the economics of love, Vietnam's openness to the free market & more. [...]
  • new-zealand-flag
    If there is one art Prime Minister John Key’s New Zealand government has mastered, it is expectation management. So for its eighth budget, delivered yesterday, expectations were low. Hence nobody was disappointed when Minister of Finance Bill English delivered it. [...]

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