The end of the Bundesbank era

With Jens Weidmann’s imminent departure, the ECB will lose its most hawkish governor. The move will also symbolise the ECB’s transition into a less stability-oriented institution – right when high inflation expectations in Europe are taking hold. [...]

Independent journalism under threat, not just in Russia

Good journalism means more than standing up to autocrats. It means not getting into bed with politicians of any kind, not even democratic ones – and not even those one agrees with. And certainly not those who fund the newspaper you write for. [...]

Germany faces coalition conundrum

Germany has voted. The result is not an earthquake, but a landslide. A change of power is looming after 16 years of Christian Democrat-led federal governments. [...]

A torpedo to European security

For Europe, AUKUS feels like the security outcome of a bull’s run through a China shop. Only China will be happy about the weakening of Europe – and Europe’s new divisions – that AUKUS has created. [...]

An absurd election for Germany

Germany’s voters are not to be envied. With an MMP voting system and a choice of unpalatable parties, they must find a way to form a coalition. [...]

Dictator’s cynical game

If the EU is not careful and cannot stop Lukashenko soon, the damage to the EU’s integrity and its credibility could be severe. Lithuania badly needs more than just warm words of support. [...]