Mercantilism colours Asia view

This week, the Asia New Zealand Foundation released its annual survey of New Zealanders’ Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples. In some ways, its results are entirely unsurprising as a large majority of New Zealanders acknowledge the growing importance of Asia. How could anyone with only a cursory knowledge of economic realities disagree? [...]

Location, Location, Location

I am not from Auckland, nor can I claim to be an expert on port operations, but I cannot help but wonder whether instead of talking about an extension of the port we should be talking about an entirely different question: Is the Port of Auckland really in the right spot? [...]

Germany’s bubble economy is on borrowed time

The real problems for Germany will begin once the ECB follows the Fed’s example and tapers its monetary stimulus. But thanks to the eurozone periphery, it may take years until the ECB feels ready to take this step. In the meantime, Germany may enjoy its bubble economy while it lasts. [...]

Greece’s madmen at work

Hardly a day passes that a Greek government official does not add a needless provocation to the bailout debate. Which brings me back to my opening question: Is this just madness? Or is there method in it? [...]

Political armament on planet Juncker

It is hard to find answers to Europe’s real problems while you are dreaming yourself to a different planet. Juncker and the whole rest of the EU’s political leadership seriously need a reality check before they continue to fantasise over their next grand projects. [...]

New Zealand’s $US150m Portuguese headache

The New Zealand Super Fund’s battle with Portugal is the first major clash in the two countries’ history. Fortunately, we do not have to expect any kind of retaliation, nor will the two sole frigates in the Royal New Zealand Navy set sail for Lisbon anytime soon. [...]