Independent journalism under threat, not just in Russia

Good journalism means more than standing up to autocrats. It means not getting into bed with politicians of any kind, not even democratic ones – and not even those one agrees with. And certainly not those who fund the newspaper you write for. [...]

Generation Lockdown

There is a major surprise hidden in the overall result of the German elections. That surprise lies in the voting behaviour of first-time voters. [...]

Germany faces coalition conundrum

Germany has voted. The result is not an earthquake, but a landslide. A change of power is looming after 16 years of Christian Democrat-led federal governments. [...]

A torpedo to European security

For Europe, AUKUS feels like the security outcome of a bull’s run through a China shop. Only China will be happy about the weakening of Europe – and Europe’s new divisions – that AUKUS has created. [...]

Understanding Heidegger

Reading the great philosophers is intimidating: Long sentences, difficult language. Now there is hope for us mortals. Where I lack the intelligence (or patience) to comprehend the philosophers’ big ideas, artificial intelligence (AI) can help [...]

A visionary dream

I had a dream. It is November 2021, and I have just tuned in to the Prime Minister’s daily press conference. But something in her speech sounded both different and familiar. [...]