Incentives on the agenda

Between a policy idea and its political take-up, many years can pass. But that makes it even more satisfying when it eventually happens. [...]

When time stood still

If Europe cannot even tackle the relatively straightforward question of whether to have DST – and if it rather hopes that such issues would go away by ignoring them, it does not bode well for the EU as an institution. [...]

Muldoonist ad hocery is back

The worst of Muldoonism is back in New Zealand politics. It is a morass of ad hoc interventions and spiralling public debt. We know how that ended last time. [...]

All hail the Technoking

Filings to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rarely have entertainment value. That is unless Elon Musk is involved. [...]

A nation talking to itself

Fringe media promote fringe views. And fringe views create fringe politicians. Thus, the polarisation will jump from the media into politics. But it does not have to happen this way. [...]

Building for an ageing population

These sober findings put debates around New Zealand’s housing crisis into a different perspective. As bad as the housing market situation is today, there is worse to come if we do not unlock the supply side of the housing market now. [...]