Business Spectator

Business Spectator was a business news site dedicated to offering readers the most up-to-date market news along with insightful commentary from some of Australia’s most respected journalists. It was integrated into The Australian newspaper in April 2016.

The fallout from the Volkswagen fiasco

Volkswagen’s admission of having systematically manipulated emissions results of its cars has not only plunged the world’s second-largest car manufacturer into crisis, but it is also causing damage to Germany’s international reputation. But why is anyone surprised? [...]

The EU is falling apart

It is breathtaking to watch how fast cornerstones of European integration are being undone as a result of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers entering the EU. [...]

The roots of Europe’s decline

In the breathlessness of the euro crisis, it is easy to miss the wood for the trees. By looking at individual trouble spots, we may be ignoring the roots of the crisis. [...]

The problem with the centre-left

The centre left is in desperate need of a new narrative if it wants to win elections once again. The old, socialist narratives may make traditionalists feel nostalgic but will not win votes. [...]

Under Merkel, Germany is asleep at the wheel

Under Angela Merkel, German politics has entered a strange period of hibernation. Where there used to be passionate debates within and between the political parties, boredom has taken hold of the country. Merkel’s sober and dry way of governing has sedated friends and foes alike. [...]

When monetary folly is not enough

After five tumultuous years of fighting the crisis arising from Europe’s monetary integration, leading European politicians are planning to go full steam ahead with the next level of integration. Their goal is the integration of fiscal policy. [...]
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