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No trivial pursuit

At the very least, schools should teach students how to read, write and calculate. Our children are wasting their potential if we do not equip them with these skills. [...]

The meaning of independence

New Zealanders must realise that, in a less benign world, an independent foreign policy cannot mean neutrality. And the Prime Minister delivered that message loud and clear. [...]

The jury is out

I still believe in trial by jury.  But not in the efficiency of our justice system. [...]

How central banking lost its way

Stability is the task for which central banks were established. But by becoming involved in social, indigenous or environmental policy areas, central banks lost sight of it. [...]

Bridges to Ukraine

International junkets for public servants are not my cup of tea. But I will make an exception for the New Zealand Transport Agency, Waka Kotahi. Let’s send their infrastructure team to Ukraine. [...]

Too much of a good thing

Successful economies have low unemployment. However, these are no ordinary times, and New Zealand’s ultra-low unemployment rate of 3.2% should worry everyone. [...]