The Australian

Europe on the road to nowhere

The rise of the European welfare state, the reduction of economic dynamism and the increasingly questionable legitimacy of the European project go hand in hand. 'Panem et circenses' could have been the motto of ­Europe’s post-World War II mixed economy model. It remains to be seen whether the EU will also share the Roman Empire’s fate. [...]

PM should follow Kiwi path to reform

Ultimately, Australia’s future prosperity depends on Abbott’s succeeding in just that. The adoption of the New Zealand method of quiet, incremental radicalism may be Australia’s best hope of rediscovering the art of reform. [...]

NZ finance minister puts Swan to shame

Ultimately, fiscal management is about choices: choices made according to principle and responding to circumstance. Swan made easy but poor choices, while English made difficult but sensible choices. As a result, New Zealand's public finances are in good shape, and the Kiwi economy looks forward to continuing its healthy growth rates. [...]

Make population growth work

A growing population can bring economic benefits. It goes hand-in-hand with increased prosperity and better standards of living. It delivers a larger, better-skilled labour force and more vibrant cities. The real challenge is not to stop population growth. It is making population growth work. [...]