New Zealand’s Asian century

We ought to be celebrating the contribution of Asian New Zealanders more often. This is more important than discussing the ethnicity of property buyers in the Auckland housing market. [...]

Mercantilism colours Asia view

This week, the Asia New Zealand Foundation released its annual survey of New Zealanders’ Perceptions of Asia and Asian Peoples. In some ways, its results are entirely unsurprising as a large majority of New Zealanders acknowledge the growing importance of Asia. How could anyone with only a cursory knowledge of economic realities disagree? [...]

Is Australia shy of the Asia boom?

Australia may still be a lucky country (and perhaps it is still run by second-rate people), but the ‘tyranny of distance’ from the old centre of the West has turned into a blessing. Who would still want to be close to the economic disaster zones of the US or the European Union? Australia’s geography is finally working in its favour. [...]