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Climate change

Zero Carbon Bill fails the climate

It is not enough to just say you care about the climate. We want to see effective and efficient measures to cut emissions. The Zero Carbon legislation does not deliver them. [...]

Spurensuche in der Asche

Die schweren Buschbrände, die letzte Woche im australischen Bundesstaat Victoria wüteten, haben nicht nur 181 Menschenleben gekostet, 1800 Häuser zerstört und 7500 Menschen zu Obdachlosen gemacht. Sie haben auch bei nicht unmittelbar betroffenen Australiern große Verunsicherung ausgelöst. Während die letzten Brände immer noch nicht gelöscht sind, beginnt die Aufarbeitung einer der schlimmsten Naturkatastrophen in der Geschichte des Fünften Kontinents. [...]

Science vs. Superstition – The case for a new scientific enlightenment

science vs superstition – the case for a new scientific enlightenment challenges the common belief that scientific progress in today’s world inevitably entails an element of danger or moral uncertainty. While many people seem to lack the vision of a genuinely better future, the authors of this collection of essays believe that it is time to make the case for a more positive attitude towards the future – a future that is made better through science. [...]

Climate change – scepticism and science as drivers of progress

It should be apparent that climate change is an issue that requires a serious scientific, political and economic discussion to which unfortunately there are no convenient shortcuts. Because of this, it is not helpful that the public discussion is too often dominated by scare stories, simplified and often distorted facts and the pretence of a consensus which encompasses everything from the reasons of climate change to the necessary answers to it. [...]

Global Warming Consensus? That’s SO pre-Enlightenment

It is deeply worrying that a misguided pretence of a scientific “consensus” has suppressed a reasonable political discussion about effective and efficient strategies to deal with climate change. It is time for a new age of enlightened debate on the subject. [...]

Weatherproofing African economies against climate change

This means that climate change need not be disastrous for Africa. But to deal with it when it occurs, Africans need the institutions of the free society on which their agriculture and their economies can grow. Just like Australians did, with the rule of law, property rights and free markets, Africans too could build weatherproof economies. [...]

Airy claims for natural energy

In truth, Germany's wind-energy promotion has not only been economically damaging, even the ecological gains are a chimera. If wind really is the energy of the future it must prove itself in the market without subsidies. And this has yet to happen. Decisions are being made on the basis of artificial models with hidden costs for taxpayers and consumers. [...]