Cost of living

High cost of living will make our competitiveness suffer

A combination of high costs and poor quality is seldom a recipe for success – not for goods and services, and certainly not for countries. There is a danger that Britain will lose its most qualified people if they prefer a better and cheaper life abroad. It is equally likely that Britain will fail to attract highly skilled foreigners who are deterred by its reputation as an expensive and unsatisfactory place to live. Both would be equally disastrous for Britain's economic future. And for this reason alone tackling the problem of Britain's high cost of living is worth every effort. [...]

Parting shot

Britain is one of the most expensive countries on the planet and London its rip-off capital. Filling your car, eating out, staying at a hotel or just doing the weekly shopping are all more costly undertakings than in other industrialised countries around the globe – even without taking house prices into account. [...]

The Price Is Not Right

Inside Politics – The Policy Exchange newsletter (London), 4 July 2008 There are a few phrases that I was not familiar with when I arrived on these shores four years [...]