A question of war and peace

What happens over the coming weeks and months will determine our political and economic fate for decades to come. Governments can follow Attlee or Erhard. The hopeful victory against coronavirus will be a Pyrrhic one if we allow it to destroy our liberal, free-trading economic order. [...]

The European Non-Union

In the Western Roman Empire’s case, it was the barbarian soldier Odoacer who finished off the ruins of a once-proud Empire. In the EU’s case, the coronavirus seems on track to achieve the same result. [...]

Working for New Zealand

Physically separated but united in spirit, our team has done what we do best. To work towards good policy. We cannot pretend this crisis is an opportunity. But we do believe we can help New Zealand in responding to it. [...]

Brace for European financial Armageddon

Not even Friedman could have foreseen a systemic, multi-layered crisis as the one we are witnessing today. And though he predicted the euro’s eventual failure, he did not tell us what would happen afterwards. We still do not know the answer to that. But we will soon find out. Brace yourself. [...]

Covid crisis needs tough policy response

If the Government moves quickly and confidently to beef up its border controls, testing regime and quarantine measures then, given our limited number of cases now, there is still a slim chance to avoid a national health disaster. [...]

We will all be Italian

Sadly, by the same logic of contagion, the Italian fate now awaits most other nations. Soon Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern will have to make the same decision as Giuseppe Conte. Just a few weeks later. [...]

A catastrophe that will cripple Italy

If Italy fails – and there is a temptation to write ‘When’ instead of ‘If’ – it will be a catastrophe not just for Italy. It will be the end of the Euro as Europe’s currency. It will be the return of the euro crisis on steroids. [...]