Taxonomic vandalism, EU-style

When the EU embarked on developing its own taxonomy, maybe it should have consulted with a few biologists. That may have prevented it from creating a monster. [...]

Monkey business

I have never been the greatest fan of PETA, the radical animal rights organisation. But PETA’s latest publicity stunt made me rethink my prejudices. [...]

The rights of the future?

Is there a basis for claims that future generations have rights? Can these rights be spelt out? Are they compatible with our usual understanding of justice? These questions deserve logical answers. Making them moral issues is not a substitute for rational debate. [...]

Just another Muppet show

It takes a degree of chutzpah to hand over big subsidies to the car industry only to claim that this was a great environmental achievement. It’s the political equivalent of having your cake and eating it. [...]

Measuring the unmeasurable

Science requires measurement. But not all measurement is scientific. The newest example is the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), released at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland -- a compilation of data on the alleged state of the environment in 133 countries. [...]