A house is a home

Increased affordability will not make Aucklanders feel richer – but it will make the country better off as a whole. [...]

A Vehicle Management Act for NZ

In the interest of an ever wealthier New Zealand, let’s make our cars more expensive. It might even help future politicians win elections on the back of a buoyant vehicle market. [...]

Land rules deter competition

Land regulations are a cost and concern to New Zealand businesses, and they are probably a factor affecting the cost of living through land prices and competition effects. [...]

Incentives to grow

We need a local government finance system that rewards councils that go for growth and punishes those that inhibit development. Our current rates system achieves the opposite – and that is what is wrong with rates. [...]

What is wrong with rates?

The current local government finance system might in fact incentivise a council against development. Extra residential or business development typically costs councils money as they have to provide additional infrastructure and services to make it happen. Meanwhile, the benefits for councils are at best indirect and at worst non-existent. [...]