Suffocating media

Who will talk about the future of this country when the crisis is over? Which investigative reporters will uncover political scandals? Which commentators will offer new ideas to enlighten or enrage? [...]

Why the Old Continent still matters

It is a daring experiment for Newsroom to let me explore the state of Europe. And it is ray of hope in our media environment to dedicate more space to international affairs. [...]

Public broadcasting is poor economics

In a world of hundreds of TV channels, internet streaming services and encrypted broadcasting, why do we still have giant public broadcasters? This is the question that German economists Justus Haucap, Christiane Kehder and Ina Loebert ask in a new paper for the Berlin-based think tank Prometheus Institute. [...]

The Times, it is a changin’

The year 2000 was one of great optimism. Appropriately, it was also the beginning of an ambitious project: to launch a new business newspaper for Germany. Meant to be a local version of the distinguished Financial Times, the Financial Times Deutschland first hit newsagents’ shelves on February 21, 2000. [...]

Reading the language of Europe’s crisis

France, Germany, Italy and Greece may all be bound by a common currency but this economic linkage is not reflected in a similarly connected debate. In effect, each country has its own unique euro discussion that barely overlaps with its neighbours. [...]

The iPad app upper hand

Time will tell whether consumers are willing to pay for news products despite the availability of free content provided by public broadcasters. As with previous technology innovations, it is possible that both types of news may co-exist rather peacefully. [...]