Generation Lockdown

There is a major surprise hidden in the overall result of the German elections. That surprise lies in the voting behaviour of first-time voters. [...]

Government by numbers

Referenda are a much more transparent way of government by numbers than the poll-driven roll-out and roll-back of initiatives we have become used to. [...]

An awake press asking questions

To land a top job, having a stand-out CV helps. But that does not justify hallucinating your life’s achievements. Especially not if the media are doing their job. [...]

Muldoonist ad hocery is back

The worst of Muldoonism is back in New Zealand politics. It is a morass of ad hoc interventions and spiralling public debt. We know how that ended last time. [...]

Simulation of life

After many attempts at 'Democracy', I am happy to cut our political leaders some slack. I would never want their job. [...]