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A robo-tax

Bill Gates wants a tax on robots. But what about all the other things that have made us ever made more productive? [...]

New Zealand is not Panama

It surprising just how quickly commentators jumped from the Panama Papers to assumptions about New Zealand’s offshore trusts regime. [...]

Can Juncker survive ‘Lux Leaks’?

Whether Juncker’s political career will come to an abrupt end now depends entirely on whether he can sufficiently distance himself from the Lux Leaks revelations. Or indeed, whether those who elected him to his new office will award him a grace period regardless. [...]

Mind the trans-Tasman tax gap

Plans to increase the top rate of income tax may be good populist policy - they may even win elections. But they would be a sure disaster for the New Zealand economy by robbing us of one of our key competitive advantages over Australia. [...]

Celebrate tax freedom while you can

Australia is on a slippery slope of becoming more like European countries. If the government continues to spend big and finance it through deficits, the future tax burden may have to rise substantially to pay for a growing debt burden. [...]

Cracking taxes

Tax simplification may not be a political cracker; however, it is neither GST-free nor painless. But in order to re-establish legal certainty and reduce the amount of red-tape involved, it is worth every effort. [...]