Think tanks

No copyright on good policy thinking

It is always encouraging to see opposition parties come up with good policy thinking. It is even more gratifying for us as a think tank to see many of our ideas entering the political debate. [...]

Nowhere to live

Last week, a paper by the Helen Clark Foundation garnered much media attention. Somewhere to live presented the Foundation’s views on housing policy. I read the document with an open mind and personal curiosity. [...]

A year of delivery

The Prime Minister had declared 2019 “the year of delivery”. Voters will eventually judge the government on whether it has succeeded. At the Initiative, we had our own year of delivery. [...]

Time to un-Grinch

From a policy perspective, New Zealand’s 2018 was not quite as eventful as most observers predicted. The (now no longer) new Government established so many inquiries and working groups that we saw less policymaking and more policy preparation. [...]

Shaping New Zealand’s policy debates

The late Ronald Reagan once said “There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination and wonder”. At The New Zealand Initiative we share his optimism. [...]

Good ideas take time

Good ideas are more powerful than political posturing. I presume David Cameron would not call his Chancellor’s views insane now. [...]

Our 2017 agenda

The 2017 New Zealand election should be fought on the real issues affecting the country. [...]

Good policy in times of rushed politics

As we are about to enter an election year, political debate may focus more on the fight for power rather than the question of what to do with it once it is attained or secured. This does not make the job of think tanks like us any easier, but it makes our work all the more important. [...]