Why Huawei?

No wonder Donald Trump is worried about the technological and commercial threat Huawei’s poses to US companies. [...]

Trump and other hypocrites

When discussing free trade, most governments sit in their own glasshouses. Trump’s protectionism deserves a response. But it should be an even greater commitment to free trade, not retaliation. [...]

Belgium proves Brexiteers right

The CETA fiasco has seriously diminished the EU’s reputation as an organisation to do business with. Any other country thinking about doing trade deals with the EU will now think twice. [...]

Wanted: A counter-populism strategy

It is too simplistic to only warn of populism. Populist messages may be distasteful, ill-informed or just plain wrong. But they are only symptoms of an underlying malaise of Western democracies. [...]

Still a long path to an NZ/EU free-trade deal

There are at least three obstacles that are in the way of a free trade agreement with the Europeans. First, Europe has other priorities at the moment. Second, the EU remains an organisation with protectionist instincts. And third, we may have more to gain from a deal with the EU than vice versa. [...]