Taxonomic vandalism, EU-style

When the EU embarked on developing its own taxonomy, maybe it should have consulted with a few biologists. That may have prevented it from creating a monster. [...]

The next Euro crisis has just begun

Just as Europe’s economies are emerging from the Covid-19 recession, the next big European crisis is already visible on the horizon. It is just not clear what kind of crisis it will be: another debt crisis, an inflation crisis, or a combination of both. [...]

It’s not all about the money

Last week, following six years of intense negotiations, the Swiss government pulled out of the talks on a new treaty. It preferred Switzerland’s sovereignty over the gains of deeper integration into the EU. [...]

When time stood still

If Europe cannot even tackle the relatively straightforward question of whether to have DST – and if it rather hopes that such issues would go away by ignoring them, it does not bode well for the EU as an institution. [...]