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News about Niue

Niue is a place in need of foreign aid, mainly from New Zealand. It is unclear whether an invasion of Australian libertarians would change that. [...]

A robo-tax

Bill Gates wants a tax on robots. But what about all the other things that have made us ever made more productive? [...]

Top 10

On capitalism by another name, explaining Trump, the perils of health hype, understanding inequality, Brexit's language barrier, Ikea economics and more. [...]

Friday’s Top 10

In this Friday's Top 10, everything you need to know about the new global economic crisis - and what Donald Trump has to do with it. [...]

An apology

Before any politicians stumble across the idea of a Vehicle Management Act and try to introduce it into parliament, let me just make it clear that this was never meant seriously. We Germans do have a sense of humour, you know. Sometimes it is just a little harder to pick up. [...]

A Vehicle Management Act for NZ

In the interest of an ever wealthier New Zealand, let’s make our cars more expensive. It might even help future politicians win elections on the back of a buoyant vehicle market. [...]

Friday’s Top 10

Okay, so economists disagree on complex questions. That’s bad enough. But what’s even worse about economic literacy is the fact that ordinary people do not even know basic economic facts. [...]

Friday’s Top 10

Economic forecasts were, of course, only invented to make weather forecasters look better. And, as Churchill said, if you ask two economists you get two opinions, unless one of them was Keynes in which case you get three. With no shortage of jokes about economists and their ability to foresee the future, Callam Pickering asks why the profession does not do better – and why forecasts are still useful. [...]

Friday’s Top 10

This week, American airlines demonstrate how markets respond to changing scarcity levels. Due to unrest caused by drug cartels and flooding from heavy rains in Mexico and a drought in California, the price of limes had skyrocketed. Passengers would not need to know about these background developments but they might notice that there is something else in their drinks. [...]