Understanding Heidegger

Reading the great philosophers is intimidating: Long sentences, difficult language. Now there is hope for us mortals. Where I lack the intelligence (or patience) to comprehend the philosophers’ big ideas, artificial intelligence (AI) can help [...]

Vegan Wagen

The Volkswagen curry wurst is under threat - and that says a lot about the state of the German car industry. [...]

All hail the Technoking

Filings to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rarely have entertainment value. That is unless Elon Musk is involved. [...]

Simulation of life

After many attempts at 'Democracy', I am happy to cut our political leaders some slack. I would never want their job. [...]

Roll over Beethoven

By adding Ludwig van, Beethoven shall appear a little less genial than he was. He is just another composer. At least he is dead. [...]