Cultural enrichment

While there is a Purity Law for German beer (since you asked, it’s from 1516), there is no such law for culture. [...]

A plea for national identity

To sell the benefits of economic integration, free trade and the free flow of capital, New Zealand also needs to reaffirm its national identity. [...]

Skilled arrivals work in Australia’s favour

How can it be that multiculturalism works in Australia and fails in Europe? By understanding the crucial differences between Australian and European migration and integration policies, we can ensure that Australia remains a society that keeps integrating its migrants well. [...]

Ingredients for successful integration

Instead of fearing migration, Australia should expand it with a rigorous screening and selection process through the points-based visa system. This is one Australian story worth repeating. [...]

Selection, migration and integration

Of all the probable results of Australia’s inevitable population growth the social impacts of migration are probably the most controversial. This is unsurprising. Migration can change the face of a country and alter the social and ethnic composition of entire cities or individual neighbourhoods. [...]

The PC empire strikes back

When a society can no longer seriously debate political issues, controversial as they may be, it is not just a blow to freedom of speech. It also undermines a nation's capacity for economic reform. Truths may sometimes be painful and feelings may be hurt, but a society that cannot stand vigorous debate risks becoming stale and stagnant. [...]

Nicht schwarz, nicht weiss

Genügt ein Schuss Aborigine-Blut, um für die Urbevölkerung Australiens zu sprechen? In Australien hat eine Kolumne die «weissen Aborigines» so bissig exponiert, dass diese gegen den Autor Anklage erhoben. Damit verschärfte sich die Frage, ob eine städtische Elite, die sich auf eine partiell indigene Abstammung berufen kann, die Ureinwohner adäquat wahrnimmt und repräsentiert. [...]

Home is where the money is

I had a doctor’s appointment last week. Usually that would not be worth mentioning in this column were it not for what I learnt about my doctor’s family history. [...]