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New Zealand

Die Mutter aller Wahlkämpfe

Ob Jacinda Ardern die erste Regierungschefin mit Elternzeit wird, bleibt abzuwarten. Aber im progressiven Neuseeland ist nichts unmöglich. [...]

News about Niue

Niue is a place in need of foreign aid, mainly from New Zealand. It is unclear whether an invasion of Australian libertarians would change that. [...]

Monetary policy needs public scrutiny

Central banks have a crucial role to fulfil in our economies. This role thus deserves public scrutiny and debate. Given the RBNZ’s independence, external commentary on its actions is the most effective check on its operations. [...]

A tale of two countries

We have a choice in New Zealand if we are satisfied with our status quo and content to keep fighting the same old political battles for the next decades. Alternatively, we could break out of our old ways and try something radically new. [...]